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Videodet is the future of streaming media!Half of our lives are spent staring at screens — and more than half of that time is spent consuming content. But we aren’t satisfied with just any content. We crave content with perspective, with a strong point-of-view. Content is social currency. It’s what we use to build our identities, it's what we trade and share in social networks, and it gives us a reason to communicate with each other.Videodet is committed to delivering an Unparalleled Entertainment Experience, and we do so by Engaging and Empowering our Content-Providers and Audience every step of the way.Videodet shows a very holistic and welcoming approach to video sharing. Videodet has an enticing variety of videos. On Videodet, you can see all the videos that usually don’t get aired on television. Videodet is unique in the world of streaming video, and it is brilliant in its own way. Videodet is a jewel of endless facets. With an enormous array of animations, comedy shorts and sketches, Videodet manages to consistently have shorts that will lighten up the most boring of days. With almost 3 million members and over 17000 videos uploaded daily, there is a lot to choose from. Another plus for Videodet is that we have no file size limits and we will allow our users to upload an unlimited number of videos.