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World’s 1st socially responsible video portal where you can find, watch and share only pure video contents without any vulgarity. Videodet is one of the best place to look for any video and clip without the fear of harrassment. Owning the social responsibility of spreading good word among the people makes it safe for you and your children to visit through any device, anytime anywhere.


It is global’s prior video portal that entirely takes the responsibility of the impact that any source through internet or other means leave on us and our children. Enrising with the social responsibility, Videodet provides you with an access to informative and ethically appropriate videos and clips. You can simply watch, like, comment and share the videos on Facebook, Google+, Tumbler, Twitter or anywhere else to help your friends and family to enjoy it as well. Excluding all sort of inappropriate and disrespectful videos, it is the most trusted website from people of all ages.       


No matter where you are, simply go to Videodet to see some exciting, thrilling and informative videos in HD format which gives you clear pictures and fast browsing speed. One of the best feature of Videodet is of being responsive to every device from desktops to tablets, android to window phones and all other digital devices while free access to the entire group of users of Videodet!


Videodet is a platform where you can discover and learn content you want from everywhere in the world, and search videos in different categories: Business, Education, Islamic, News & Politics, Sports, Shopping, Technology and Funny clips. Our followers watch and share the ideas & events that surprising you, and spread happiness and knowledge around the world.


Videodet is the best approach to find, watch and share the online videos in the world. We work hard to make the videos available in our portal family friendly and without any vulgarity witch is our prime objective to run Videodet. If you ever find a video you are concerned about it, please report us. It will help us to make this better for our family, friends and everyone around us.